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Pre Listing Inspection

Pre Listing Inspection

Selling your home can be a stressful experience. There’s a lot that you need to consider and deal with. You need work out an ideal asking price and assess your home to see the features and highlights that will really help to sell it. All that is something that we are qualified to deal with. Our pre-listing inspection service can help you to assess your home and find the ideal asking price, as well as helping you to assess major selling points that could be used for your benefit. Get the confidence that only one of our inspections can provide.

Pre Listing Inspection

When you are looking to sell your home, there’s a few important things to consider. This includes having a pre-listing inspection taken care of. This is not only important to help instil confidence in any prospective buyer that’s looking at purchasing your home, but also important for you and your gains too. It’s not always obvious what features of your home you can really sell, and use to increase your asking price. Our inspection service can help you uncover important features of your home can make it more desirable and attractive to any buyers. We are the registered home inspection service that’s certified to handle pre-listing inspections and pre-purchase inspection.

Increased Confidence

Having a prelisting inspection done of your home gives any buyers increased confidence everything is in order with your home. This increased confidence can help you to better land the sale. Buyers, of course, will always be weary and want to make sure that everything is order and that your home is a worthwhile purchase. Having an inspection done by our certified and professional team can give any buyers the peace of mind that they need to be sure that purchasing your home is the right move to make.


A pre-listing inspection can also help you find your ideal asking price. A thorough inspection of your home can assess the asking price that you set and ensure that it’s fair. If your home is given the all clear, and everything is in reasonable shape, this is justification to increase your asking price. This means that our services can often help you to get a better return on your home, which is always a major positive. These gains can be further increased by using our services to accentuate and better understand the true highlights of your home.


When you are selling your home, it is, of course, best to make sure that you accentuate and point out any major highlights. Certain highlights of your home, however, might not be all that obvious and can be easily overlooked. This can include electrical upgrades, recent improvements and even energy or water efficiency upgrades that you’ve had done. A thorough pre-listing inspection of your home can help you uncover additional home features that you can highlight and really sell, this can also help to increase your asking price and get you a better return on your home.