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Protecting Your Home as It Ages

Having worked for many years as an Edmonton home inspector, I’ve seen my fair share of properties in varying states of disrepair. The severe weather and environment in Edmonton can eventually wear down your house; therefore, it’s critical for homeowners to maintain their houses on a proactive basis. In this post, I’ll go over seven important considerations that Edmonton residents should make as their houses get older, with an emphasis on back yard decks and how Edmonton screw piles can significantly reduce the risk of frost heave.

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Whether you’ve decided to sell your home or buy a new one, it’s a big step to take. So, you need to be sure that you do everything right to get the best outcome. When selling, this means making sure that your home is in the state that’s attractive for any potential buyers. When buying, you want to be sure that the home you intend to purchase is in the right shape and doesn’t have any major issues or concerns. We are home inspector Edmonton service that can assess your home, or one you plan to purchase, to make sure that everything is as it should be.

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When buying or selling your home you need to be confident of getting the right outcome. Our property inspection service is here to make sure that you can achieve your goal. Whether you are buying or selling, a property inspection of your home can be beneficial. If you are looking to sell, a property inspection can ensure that any potential buyers are aware that your home doesn’t have any major problems that they have to worry about and that your home is in great shape. If you are buying, an inspection handled by us, the top home inspector Edmonton service, means you can be sure you are making a worthwhile investment.


Considering investing in any property is a big step, so you need to make sure that you do thorough research to make sure that you get the very best deal. A major part of this is having a professional home inspection taken care of. We are the certified home inspector Edmonton that you can trust to give your home a thorough inspection, and ensure that everything is up to date and there’s no problem lurking behind the scenes. This way, you can buy and sell your home with confidence. Our professional service offers the best home inspection Edmonton cost and gets the very best home inspectors Edmonton reviews.

Home Inspection

New Home Inspection

When you get a new home, there’s a lot of things that you need to take care of. Perhaps the most important is getting a new home inspection. This is important to make sure that there aren’t any major problems that you need to worry about. Get the best home inspector Edmonton has to assess your home and make sure that everything is as it should be. The professional and thorough inspection services that we provide is the reason why we are the best of the Edmonton home inspection companies.

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Pre Listing Inspection

The inspection services that we provide a great investment when you are looking to sell your home. We provide a pre-listing inspection service as part of our range. Why is this so beneficial for you? Well, having your home ticked by off by a professional housing inspector can help you to set a high asking price. It’s also a way to list the highlights and selling point of your home that you might not otherwise consider. Either way, it’s a way to help you get a better return on your home.

“Their service is so professional and thorough. It really gave us the peace of mind we needed.” Ryan. A

Pre Purchase Inspection

When you are purchasing a new home, we know that you need to make sure that everything is in the right shape and that there aren’t any major problems or concerns. Otherwise, you can be seriously impacted and out of pocket. There’s only one registered home inspector that you can really trust to take a look at any home before you purchase it. That’s us. Our experienced team can do a thorough inspection and make sure your new home is in good shape.

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Warranty Inspection

When you have a new home built, the warranty that covers any defects when it comes to construction or material lasts for a period of one year. The major problem that can occur is when such problems begin to be noticed after the warranty has already passed. To ensure that you are covered, and don’t have to deal with such problems, we can conduct a warranty inspection and assess your home to make sure that there’s no damage you need to worry about later.

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“Their pre-listing inspection helped us to properly sell our home.” Tim. C

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Commercial Home Inspection

On top of all of the other inspection services that we provide, we also offer a commercial home inspection service. It’s not always easy to immediately determine the how much you will make on any home, as there’s so many factors that can impact that. We know that it’s really about your return and the bottom line when it comes to commercial real estate. So, our service can help you determine your return vs. the money that you need to spend to make the property an attractive option.

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Condo Home Inspection

Further to our home inspection services we also offer a separate condo home inspection service. For many reasons, having your condo assessed and inspected is different from a normal house. We offer a unique service for this reason. We can help you make sure that your condo is in the right shape, with less of a focus on the building but with increased focus on the common systems like the heating and plumbing.

 “They cover everything thoroughly and simply don’t miss anything at all.” Sofia. B

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It’s really simple. If you are looking for the best “home inspector near me” when you are buying or selling your home, we are the service to get in touch with. We are the home inspectors Edmonton AB that provide a professional and certified service that you can really rely on. You can be sure that we can uncover any problems that might be developing, so you can make sure they are dealt with before it’s a major problem. Our service can give you the confidence you need when buying or selling your home.