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7 Key Tips for Edmonton Homeowners:
Protecting Your Home as It Ages

First Things First

Having worked for many years as an Edmonton home inspector, I’ve seen my fair share of properties in varying states of disrepair. The severe weather and environment in Edmonton can eventually wear down your house; therefore, it’s critical for homeowners to maintain their houses on a proactive basis. In this post, I’ll go over seven important considerations that Edmonton residents should make as their houses get older, with an emphasis on back yard decks and how Edmonton screw piles can significantly reduce the risk of frost heave.

Groundwork and Organisation

Your home’s foundation serves as its structural core. It might shift or crack over time as a result of the region’s periodic freezing and thawing. Check your foundation frequently for problem indicators, including cracks, uneven settling, or water penetration. Early discovery can help you avoid later, expensive repairs.

Maintenance of Roofs

Your first line of protection from Edmonton’s inclement weather is your roof. Make sure to routinely check your roof for indications of water leaks, damaged flashing, and missing shingles. Timely maintenance of the roof can increase its longevity and shield the inside from harm.

Insulation and siding

Maintaining siding and insulation properly is essential for both energy efficiency and weather protection. Verify that your insulation is still working and look for any holes or fractures in your siding. Your energy expenditures can be greatly decreased by replacing your siding and upgrading your insulation.

Doors and Windows

Check for leaks, fractures, or broken seals on your windows and doors. You may boost energy efficiency and general comfort in your house by replacing outdated or inefficient windows and doors.

Plumbing and Electrical Systems

Edmonton’s harsh weather can have an impact on the plumbing and electrical systems in your house. Check these systems frequently for wear indicators, and keep an eye out for frozen pipes in the winter. Costly emergencies can be avoided with early maintenance.

Outside Decks

The weather in Edmonton may be particularly hard on outside decks. Rain or snow-borne moisture can seep into the wood, causing it to expand in warm weather and then compress, resulting in warping and cracks. Homeowners may prevent this by routinely cleaning and sealing their decks and by utilising composite materials, which are more resilient to weather damage.

Screw piles and frost Heave

Frost heave, which occurs when the earth freezes and raises structures like decks, can cause damage in Edmonton’s harsh winters. Edmonton screw piles are one option for homeowners looking to address this problem. These deep foundation systems are especially made to withstand frost heave and offer remarkable stability. In Edmonton’s climate, screw piles are the ideal choice for supporting decks because they are not subject to freeze-thaw cycles like conventional foundations are. Long-term deck longevity can be greatly increased and maintenance expenses can be decreased by making an investment in screw piles.

Summing It Up

Being proactive with your property’s upkeep is crucial if you’re an Edmonton homeowner, especially given the harsh weather this year. To avoid expensive repairs, make sure your foundation, roof, siding, windows, doors, electrical and plumbing systems, and decks are regularly inspected and maintained. Furthermore, it’s a wise decision to take into account Edmonton screw piles for your deck in order to counteract the impacts of frost heave and guarantee that your outdoor living area is secure and comfortable. You may enjoy your home for many years to come and protect it as it matures by paying attention to these seven important guidelines.

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