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A buying or constructing a new home is always exciting, but there’s also some serious things that you need to take into consideration. You need to be sure that your home is of the standard that you expect, and that there aren’t any problems anywhere that you might be forced to deal with later. A thorough inspection conducted by our team is the best way to get a better awareness of your new home, so you can make sure that everything fine, and that you won’t have any major problems, issues or damage on your hands any time soon.

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Looking after yourself when you’ve invested in a new home is important. There’s always a risk that something could be wrong with your new home beneath the surface. If there’s any concerns with your new home, or something that you need to worry about, our inspection service is guaranteed to uncover it. So, you can make sure that everything in your new home is up to standard and as you expect it to be. We provide the home inspection Edmonton service that you can trust to help you properly and correctly assess your new home or property.

Peace of Mind

The new home inspection services that we offer are the best way to get peace of mind about your new home. Although on the surface everything might appear to be fine, there’s a lot that can go on undetected or unnoticed in any home. A thorough inspection done by our team can uncover any problems that you may otherwise have missed, so that you are informed and know what’s going on and know that you don’t need to worry about unseen threats. This way, you can be sure that your new home is a good investment and great place for your family to reside.

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A home is a major investment, as well as the space where you and your family will live. So, we know that you need to be sure that your new home passes a thorough inspection and that everything is up to date. We are the best home inspector Edmonton has to offer. We assess every aspect of your new home, including many places and elements that you could easily overlook, to ensure that your new home is fit place for you to live and the best possible investment. Only the very best will do when it comes to inspecting your new home.


We are a certified home inspection Edmonton service. That means that you can really rely on us and the results of any inspections that we conduct of any property for you. Once we’ve assessed everything, and given you the tick of approval, you can be certain that everything is up to standard and that there aren’t any major problems that you have to worry about. Get the true confidence that can only be provided by a professional and certified inspection service.