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Warranty Inspection

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Building a new home is exciting, but there are some important details to consider. This includes the quality of the workmanship and the materials used in construction. Thankfully, a one year warranty is extended to new homes, covering for negligence when it comes to construction or materials used. However, some problems can occur after you are no longer covered. Our warranty inspection service can ensure that every part of your new home is up to standard and that any problems are quickly identified. This way, you can be sure that you are covered for any serious problems that are identified and don’t need to worry about dealing with them once your warranty is up.

Warranty Inspection

When it comes to any new home you’ve built, you are covered by a one year warranty when it comes to defects in materials and construction. Unfortunately, if you aren’t careful, you can experience problems related to this just after your warranty runs out. This can leave you in a bad situation, that’s stressful and difficult to deal with. Our warranty inspection service is designed to make sure that everything in your home related to construction and materials is up to standard, and that you won’t experience any sudden problems once your one year warranty is up.

Peace of Mind

There’s so many unseen threats that can develop in your home. Given the investment that you’ve made, you could be understandably worried about such problems occurring in your new home. There’s always the risk of poor workmanship and similar problems. We can make sure that this hasn’t occurred in your new home, and give you the real peace of mind that you need. Once we’ve done an inspection, you can be sure that your home is in the right condition and you won’t have to battle any threats, problems or damage any time soon.

Confidence in Our Service

When you consider what’s at stake, and the money you’ll have to spend and hassle that’ll have to go through if there’s a problem with your home, it’s important that you choose the best service around to thoroughly inspect your home. An experienced service is the only way that you can be sure that you catch out any problems and have them dealt with while your home warranty is still valid. We provide a certified service that’s based on real experience. We know exactly what to look for to ensure that your new home is in the right condition. So you can be confident in the service we provide.

Stay on Top of Problems

Perhaps most importantly of all, our warranty inspection service is the best way to make sure that you stay on top of any problems before they become major issues after your warranty has expired. This means that you can deal with the problem early, and aren’t left high and dry after your warranty expires. This can save you money and a whole lot of stress. So make sure that you protect yourself with a thorough inspection conducted by our team. We also offer commercial home inspection service.