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Condo Home Inspection

Two Engineer inspection the condo home

Condo inspections are also something that we specialise in. These are conducted in a slightly different way than other home inspections, due to the shared and common nature of many of the elements and systems of the buildings. Simply, our inspection service can help you to assess whatever is within the legal boundary of your condo, with a greater emphasis on the common systems like plumbing and heating rather than the building. This is the best way to make sure that everything is up to standard, and that the investment you are making is fair and reasonable and that there isn’t any major problems to worry about.

Condo Home Inspection

Amongst the range of professional home inspection services that we provide, we also offer a condo home inspection service. Inspecting a condo is, for obvious reasons, a different process than when dealing with a home. It’s primarily a visual inspection of the condo and some of common elements and systems, such as utility systems. Our condo inspection services can make sure that the condo you purchased doesn’t have any problems or damage that you need to be aware of, so there’s nothing you need to worry about.


Investing in any property or home is a big step, and you need to be sure that it’s the right one to make and that what you are purchasing is to the standard that you expect. The condo inspection service that we provide is the perfect way that you can get the confidence and peace of mind that you need to know that you are making the right choice. Once we’ve provided you with our results, you can be confident that your condo is up to standard and doesn’t have any major faults with any systems.

The Best and Certified

We offer a certified home inspector Edmonton service. Why is that so important? Because it means you can be confident in any inspection that we conduct. Our team knows exactly what to look for and how to correctly identify any problems, damage or issues that you need to be aware of. This is incredibly important when you consider the investment that you are making. So, choose the inspection team that you know you can trust to do a thorough inspection of your new condo and provide you with reliable feedback and a better awareness of your new home or property.

Everything Covered

Our condo inspection service covers it all, so you can be sure everything is up to standard. This includes not only the building, which is slightly less of a focus when inspecting a condo as opposed to a home, but also the common systems like heating, cooling and plumbing. Our inspection covers everything that’s within the legal definition of your condo. So, if there’s any problem, you can sure that we’ll identify it as part of our thorough inspection. Skipping out on this could easily lead to problems in the future, so make sure that you cover yourself. Find out much more details about us.